You know, one of the things that faith traditions fear most is doubt. For some people, doubt is debilitating and difficult. It can crush a person's spirit.

However, other people find a lot of depth and insight by exploring their doubts. Some spiritual seekers can learn more about life and faith through questions than answers.

Where are you at? Have you ever struggled with doubting your beliefs and values? Is doubt a good thing?


adphish1 said...

I'd be lying if I said I didn't doubt. I find the doubt helps solidify my faith. Bear with me...

If I had it all figured out and there was never even any ROOM for doubt, then faith would be irrelevent. I'd just "know." I have to doubt in order to make faith real. It's faith because there is doubt. Does that make sense?

watchman said...

Andrew, that is very similar to my experience. It seems that the unknowns of my faith, make that faith even more challenging and vibrant.

It seems to me that we spend more time on answers than questions and maybe we're missing out.

Anonymous said...

Semantically speaking, doubt and faith are opposing values. But questions do not equal doubt. Questions and unknowns are neutral, merely opportunities for our faith to grow. Doubt is Thomas standing up and saying, "I won't believe unless I touch the scars."

Keelie said...

Strangely enough, for those of you who have any idea of my past, my grandfather actually told me once that doubt was a good sign. I believe he said something like it showed that I actually cared!


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