Living In Memory

In Memoriam

This week at unTapped we're going to remember those who have gone before us. We will be gathering to bring together stories of those who have passed away, but remain in our lives by inspiring us. Our memories of these people motivate us in such a deep, powerful way that their influence is spiritual.

Join us with stories and memories of the people who inspire you from beyond the grave. We meet every Thursday at Short's Brewing Company, 7pm. See you then!



As you may have heard, the world is ending on the 21st. Actually, we're being told that the world is ending by a fringe Christian group in California. The group, Family Christian Radio, is a fundamentalist Christian sect that has spread the doomsday message across the country. Using a confusing, convoluted mathematical formula, a healthy dose of questionable scholarship, and a firm conviction that God prefers the Roman calendar, the group has decided the world will end this Saturday.

You can check out more 'doomsday' coverage on Belief Blog.

If Family Christian Radio's 2011 prediction turns out to be wrong, have no fear, there is another doomsday close behind. The Mayan's gave special significance to 2012 as the end of this world. So, of course, people have decided to flipout.

What is your response to this and other doomsday messages that come along from time to time? Why do you think that people continue to believe in these types of prophecies even when the prognosticators are continually wrong?

Join us this Thursday for a conversation about Doomsday, or the lack thereof. We meet at Short's Brewing in downtown Bellaire at 7pm. See you there!


Sobriety or Celebration?

As you are no doubt aware, this past week Osama bin Laden was killed by American forces in Pakistan. There has been a mix of reactions from different portions of our society. Some members of the media could hardly contain their glee, spontaneous street parties have broken out, and even sporting events have taken time to celebrate.

CNN's Belief Blog chronicled several responses by faith leaders. While nobody decried the justice of what was done, all were a bit taken aback by party-like atmosphere that celebrated a man being killed.

Our very own Drew Filkins chimed in on the subject also. You can read his whole take here. He advocates mourning as a better response:

I am mourning Osama bin Laden because he was not able to experience the restoring, renewing, redeeming work of the resurrected Christ. As a Christian, I feel that we ought to mourn when anyone dies without having the restoring work of the resurrected Christ in their life, whether that be a close friend, family member or a terrorist. The power of the resurrected Christ could have moved Osama's life of violence and destruction to one of compassion and love, just as that power is doing in my life and maybe in yours.

What do you think? from your spiritual/ethical perspective, is Osama bin Laden's death a reason to celebrate or mourn or what?

Bring your thoughts this Thursday to Short's Brewing Company in downtown Bellaire at 7pm.


In order to live man must believe in that for which he lives.
- Huston Smith
unTapped is a conversation about faith and spirituality. There are many people frustrated by being forced to think of faith in the same old patterns, and would prefer to explore spirituality in different ways.

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