Holiday Memories

This week we will share stories from our experiences with the Holiday season. Examining past experiences may tell us a bit about our spiritual perspective or our families' ethics. So, bring along a few memories both good and bad to Shorts this Wednesday.

What is your favorite memory of the holidays? What is your worst memory of the Holidays?


The True Meaning of the Holidays

Its the holiday season and in the midst of all the celebrations and trappings, there is real conversation about what exactly we're celebrating. The Holidays (Chanukah, Christmas, etc.) seem to encompass more than just religious people. For instance, a Gallop survey found that 93% of Americans celebrate the Christian holiday of Christmas, yet only about 81% of those respondents identified themselves as 'Christian.'

So, what are the Holidays all about? Have they become a secular experience, or are the Holidays still a religious phenomenon?

This holiday season, will you emphasize the religious elements of the season, or are you going to attempt to avoid religious trappings? A little bit of both, perhaps?

Join us this Wednesday, 7pm at Short's Brewing Company as we attempt to learn from one another about the Holiday season!


In order to live man must believe in that for which he lives.
- Huston Smith
unTapped is a conversation about faith and spirituality. There are many people frustrated by being forced to think of faith in the same old patterns, and would prefer to explore spirituality in different ways.

Anything goes here. No matter where you are or who you are, we want to hear from you. Feel free to join in the conversation!

You can also join us in person, every Thursday night at Short's Brewing Company in Downtown Bellaire, MI.