Religous Rudeness

This story drove me crazy (click here).

i don't really want to get into the idea of Lord's Day in Christianity or Sabbath in Judaism. Instead, I want to focus on why so many religious people use their faith to be rude, inconsiderate, and nasty. It seems to me that our faith ought to lead us to be more loving, better customers, and down right nicer people.

What do you think? Have you heard about this kind of behavior?


Keelie said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!! The hypocrisy is disgusting! I won't pay you to work because it's Sunday, but I'm here on a Sunday using your services. WOW! Do we have to wonder why people are so skidish when it comes to Christianity!

Brian said...

My initial thoughts are skeptical, I cannot believe something like this could even take place.

I mean there is no way a group people could be so (you can fill in the blank).

Most of us have that person at our work place who tells stories that always have things taken to an extreme to get a point a across...but I have no reason to believe that in this instance. Those things usually build up on reputation. I've never read that blog before (probably never will again) so no reputation has been built up for me.

But there is the part of me that just knows people are that way sometimes and if I took the time to think on these things I'd come up with an example to prove my point. If people can read the Bible and claim there is no hell and people can read the Bible and not believe Solo Gratia, then a group of people can walk into their local Chili's and make such obnoxious claims in the name of Christianity.

I'd like to think if I was a patron at the time, I'd walk over to the table and say something ot offer to pick up the waitress' tip myself.

Ay karumba

Terrapin Flyer said...

I've not only heard of this kind of behavior - I've experienced it. Many moons ago I used to sell advertising for a large corp. It never ceased to amaze me that there would be people that put in BS claims (to get $$ back) or that established large programs and never paid their bill. At times this would affect my pay in the form of an (unexpected) commission chargeback. When I asked one of these customers how they could do this, I was told they felt bad about it (although it didn't appear that way), but their sins would be forgiven.

So it's ok to willfully & knowingly do something wrong or gain an unfair advantage in the world by harming your fellow man because you'll be forgiven?!? Then on the other hand we have the sow/reap equation for these people to try and rationalize with

I don't believe picking aspects, beliefs or benefits of a religion or spiritual belief to selfishly meet one's own needs was the basis for the great religions or the spiritual beliefs we have in our world.

adphish1 said...

We're a consumer economy. Why should religion be any different?


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