Catching Up With the Present

It seems to me that I live most of my life catching up with the present.

This morning my son woke me up way too early. Yet, even through my groggy, sleepy eyes, I had a disturbing question: who was this amazing, wonderful little boy? Where did he come from? How was this possible?

He didn't want much. He just wanted to sit on my lap and wait for me to wake up.

As terrible as it sounds, I spend most of my days as if I do not have a wonderful and a beautiful life.

It seems like yesterday I was so young, that days seemed to last forever. I could dip my feet into the waters of time and remaindry. Now, as my small son bounces his feet up and down on my lap, not making a sound, I know the days are moving faster than my perception.
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adphish1 said...

Nice existential moment, my friend. It sounds like you're about to have a quarter-life crisis.

Seriously though, not many of us appreciate what we have when we have it. We recognize the miraculous after the fact, not during the moment.


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