Thursday Recap


We had a great time at Short’s last night. Several of us got together and discussed the reality of hopelessness and suicide in our world and community. We were able to discusses causes, and share our own stories of experiences in our families and relationships.

Big thanks go to Andrew who was on baby duty.

One of the things that came up is the fact that we have so much stuff in our lives – wealth, possessions, etc, but we struggle with depression more than third world countries. Maybe we assume all the stuff we accumulate is going to make us happy, but turns out to be very disappointing.

What do you think? Is there a connection between materialism and depression?

If you’re in the Bellaire area, join us at 7pm next Thursday, Shorts Brewing Company, in downtown Bellaire!


Terrapin Flyer said...

I'd really like to join you folks, and was hoping to be there last night, but the onset of a cold kept me at home. I like to share....just not things that make others ill. :-)

I'm wondering if there's any interest in having "showings" occasionally. I'd be willing to bring the following videos, if he equipment can be assembled so the group can enjoy & discuss...

Ambition to Meaning - www.ambitiontomeaning.com

You Can Heal Your Life - www.youcanhealyourlifemovie.com

I Know I'm Not Alone - www.iknowimnotalone.com

Thought these titles might lead to some healthy discussion.

Also would be interested in starting an "Bellaire Untapped" book sharing program.

My apologies for using the comment methodology for posting this. I looked for other means, but didn't find any.

Take Care - Stay Smiling - Lend A Hand - Offer Thanks


watchman said...

Mike, my email is watchman146@gmail.com

Holla back!

Brian said...

Obviously books aren't the catharsis that open and honest discussion is, but 2 pretty good books on the Abundance/Depression topic are

Why We hate Us - Dick Meyer

The Progress Paradox - Gregg Easterbrook

I'd encourage at least a search at Amazon.com and read the customer reviews to get a glimmer into the content of these books.

Dick Meyer also has a blog over at NPR.org (called "Against the Grain" which can be a good read time to time)


As I said, books aren't always the answer (very rarely are) but many times some authors have the ability of putting into words our feelings and thoughts and can offer an explanation which can be a good leap off point.

adphish1 said...

I'd love to see some stuff and talk about it. Sorry, "stuff" didn't sound that intelligent. I'd like to view some relevant materials.

There we go.



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