Who's in? Who's Out?

Last week we discussed the fear and expectation of life after death from several different perspectives. Now, we turn to a very difficult concept to grasp - who gets rewarded and who gets punished in the afterlife?

In the conversation, some of us were concerned about the idea of justice last week. While it is comforting to think of rewards and benefits in the afterlife, it is equally disturbing to think about punishment for evil in the afterlife. The traditional Christian concept of eternal punishment is full of flames and agony. Other traditions like Hinduism refer to unappealing reincarnations.

So, what does it take to get the good reward and avoid the horrible consequences? Some faiths require a person to be "good," while others require some sort of conversion experience.

What do you think? If you believe in God or a just force in the universe, how do you think the delineation is made between good and evil people? For those who do not have faith in an eternal justice, is time heading toward some balance and is that a comforting thought to you?

Hopefully you can join us at Shorts for a great conversation.

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In order to live man must believe in that for which he lives.
- Huston Smith
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