Change in values?

I have two friends who recently posted pictures on Facebook that I appeared in. The first picture is from 1998, my freshman year in college,

and the second picture is from two years ago, right before I graduated from seminary.

And for a point of reference, here is a picture of me now -
My point in showing these "fantastic" pictures of me is to note that I can remember those times like they were yesterday, yet I know how much of a different person I was then compared to now. I can't quite put my finger on how and why I think of myself as a different person, but I know that what I thought, what I believed, what I wanted, and what I hoped for were entirely different things in each of these three snapshots of my life. In addition to looking different, I just feel different than I did then.
So what is the concrete, immutable me? Is there a part of us that doesn't change? Are we the same person and it's just our external pressures and environment changes, or are we truly a million different people from one day to the next?
Who are we and who are we going to be? Do those things have to be mutually exclusive?
What is our true identity?


watchman said...

Wow! Those are a lot of changes, man.

Who am I? What is the real me? I happen to think that we are defined by our journey more than our destinations.

I'll explain tonight at Shorts.

adphish1 said...

Good conversation on Thursday.

I like the notion that we are different from one moment to the next, yet there is some constant in us somewhere. It's like the parent who still sees their adult child as the infant they remember, even if the rest of the world has lost that innocent view of our neighbors.


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