Earliest Memories

Yesterday was a fantastic day to celebrate Easter. It was beautiful out in Northern Michigan - the birds are returning, the snow has melted, and green things are just around the corner.

We took my daughter outside to find eggs in the yard. She LOVED it. My son (10 mo.) didn't quite grasp the concept but my daughter, she was in her glory. At nearly 3 years old she is doing some pretty incredible stuff and I'm loving watching it happen.

I told someone at work about this this morning and she said, "My boys talk about the first outdoor easter egg hunt they did when they were three or four...right around the same age as your girl."

Then I made the strange connection/realization that my daughter might actual retain some of the memories she experiences these days. Up until this point, I was pretty sure she wasn't going to remember the time we got stuck in the mud while driving. At least, I figured she wouldn't remember it when she was in her twenties so it wouldn't come back to haunt me.

Nope. Now she remembers things and she's starting to build up a memory of her life.

I talked to another friend about something that happened to us in college and he said, "Wow, I don't really remember that. I guess a little bit, but I don't remember it like you do."

Why do we hold on to some memories more than others?

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watchman said...

Wow, Andrew that is a great question. There does seem to be a arbitrary randomness to the selection process.

For instance, I remember all sorts of things about my mother. I remember her voice, things she said to me. However, I can't remember her face. I mean, I know what she looked like (from pictures), but I cannot conjure a memory containing her face.

Is that weird or what?

I don't know... the mysteries of the human experience.


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