Why be part of a faith community?

I hear more and more people tell me that they are "spiritual" but just don't want to or feel the need to join a church or religious organization.

Without getting in too much trouble, I agree. It's tough to talk about reasons for being a part of something when we're unfocused and unsure about the necessity for such involvement.

I'm a joiner, I'll admit it. But even in the church, I'm not sure if joining is necessary. Too often it feels forced. We recently had someone come to our church asking for help with rent. Without getting into the details, the request we necessary and legit. She said she hadn't received any support from other churches because, "Each place she asked said they only helped people who were members of their congregation."


I can't think of any worse reason for someone to have to join a church.

Is this what happens in most places? Are we still stuck in the "bread for Jesus" mentality of the mid 1800's?

What do you think? Why have you or have you not joined a faith community?

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Keelie said...

Church has always been the place I've found friends and ultimately family. Outside of college, moving to Bellaire has been the first place I've lived where I actually made friends outside of church, and even then some are church related, just not my church.

But having said what I did in my first sentence, I've also been extremely hurt by those "friends and family." And I wonder, is there as much hurt OUTSIDE of the church?

digital livelihood said...

I have joined a faith community to support my wife's wishes. I've been blessed w/ a positive experience at this church.

Ask not what your church can do for you but you can do for your church sounds good in theory . . . but how many people can say it without resentment?

If you look at the church as a family . . . it's easier to use the analogy of giving a loan to a brother rather than a stranger. The churches (like us) have limited resources so they have to be choosy out of necessity.

"Experts" say that the most faithful give the most. If there is an expectation of receiving, it may contribute toward losing faith.


In order to live man must believe in that for which he lives.
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