unTapped Topic: Who is Missing?

REMEMBER: This week we are meeting at MOKA

I heard a conversation between two people who were discussing the United States' Constitution. One of the people claimed that the US Constitution was weak because it failed to include the voices of women and ethnic minorities. "Rich white men wrote it for rich white men" he insisted. At the time the Constitution was written, there was very little interest in including African-Americans, Native Americans, or women. In fact, just being poor left you out of the process (only land owners could vote or run for office). But, this seeming injustice was merely a reflection of the time that the document was written.

Most faiths depend on traditions and texts that were written hundreds or thousands of years ago. Only recently, however, have people of faith purposefully attempted to include those who were left out of the formative processes.

So, who was left out of your faith's formation? Has that changed?

join us tonight at MOKA for a discussion of faith, theology and the missing voices.

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