unTapped Topic: Spooky Spirituality

This a redux conversation, but it seemed appropriate since this Sunday is Halloween.

Ghosts, witches, superheroes, and characters of all types will be showing up
at your door asking for candy. It is all in good fun, but it brings up a serious question: is this world ever interrupted by another? Is there a real basis for the idea that spirits and beings have real interactions with people in this life?

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever heard of a dead relative returning to visit a person? If you do, you are certainly not alone.
  • One of the most popular programs on cable television these days is a program called "Ghosthunters."
  • According to a Gallup poll, Americans are very open to the existence of ghosts with over a third of Americans stating they believe in "spirits of dead people" that return. Almost half of the population believe in some form of ESP. 55% of Americans believe that people can be possessed by the devil or evil spirits.

This week for unTapped we will discuss anomalous paranormal/spiritual experiences. How do such things fit with your experience, your faith, and your perspective of the world?

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In order to live man must believe in that for which he lives.
- Huston Smith
unTapped is a conversation about faith and spirituality. There are many people frustrated by being forced to think of faith in the same old patterns, and would prefer to explore spirituality in different ways.

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