Moral Dilemmas

This week we will be discussing ethics and the way we come to a moral (or immoral) decision in our lives. Socrates once said of discussing ethics, “We are discussing no small matter, but how we ought to live.”

This Thursday, we will be asking a series of questions and presenting a few scenarios and getting your opinion about how people should respond to the hypotheticals. We are looking for everyone's moral compass. How do we determine what is right and good? Does your faith play a part in this?

There is a popular television program on ABC that presents ethical dilemma in a rather heavy-handed way, but it may be a decent primer for our conversation. Check it out on YouTube:

We look forward to seeing you this Thursday, 7pm at Short's Brewing Company for a discussion of ethics and morality.

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In order to live man must believe in that for which he lives.
- Huston Smith
unTapped is a conversation about faith and spirituality. There are many people frustrated by being forced to think of faith in the same old patterns, and would prefer to explore spirituality in different ways.

Anything goes here. No matter where you are or who you are, we want to hear from you. Feel free to join in the conversation!

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