unTapped Topic: Human Origins?

This week's conversation:

One of our sometime conversationalists put on his facebook status a quote from Napoleon (Bonaparte, not Dynamite): 

 ' All religions are made by men' 

I whole-heartedly agreed with the quote, but I think I came to a very different conclusion for what that quote practically meant for my life and spirituality. So, do you think that religion is a human-made institution or do you believe there is a divine impetus at the center of your faith? Does a belief in a human-based automatically make you a non-religious person? Are people who question the veracity of religions historical being overly skeptical or are their concerns legitimate inquiries?

Join us this WEDNESDAY, 7pm at Short's Brewing Company in downtown Bellaire for a lively chat about faith origins and how they affect our paths. 

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In order to live man must believe in that for which he lives.
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