Are We Free? Are Our Neighbors?

Christian theologian JRD Kirk wonders whether we are playing double standards with our theology. He offers a challenge:
 If we truly believe in the freedom that we say we value so highly. If we believe that God does not want to force compliance or love (for then it would not be love!) then why do we so often see ourselves charged with enforcing compliance to the will, law, or theology of God as we understand it?
Are we free to say 'no or 'yes' to God? Many people seem to believe our free will is an important part of belief. (Without freedom to say 'no', there is no choice, right?) So, this brings up a question: if we feel that it is important to have a choice in our faith, is it equally important that our friends and neighbors have a choice? A more challenging question is this: How can we say that we value others' freedom if it is not an option for them to reject our perspective?

Has anyone ever rejected your perspective on faith? Was it okay that they rejected it or were you genuinely disturbed by their rejection. How about vice-versa? Have you ever rejected someone else's perspective? What was that experience like?

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