Media Pawn? Me?

iMonk wrote an interesting post (rant) that you can see here. He writes about the media saturated world we live in now and compares it to the world of his parents, where media was not so encompassing. A snippet:

No…I think their world was better. And I say that with full knowledge that I never saw my parents read a book or listen to music that wasn’t on the radio. They were deprived of a lot, but their world wasn’t utter and complete chaos.

They didn’t believe the nonsense we believe. They weren’t enslaved to the consumer religion. They didn’t judge their children in comparison to anyone other than Wally and the Beaver. They didn’t judge their lives in comparison to the houses on the Better Homes Channel. They didn’t judge a meal by Rachel Ray or a church by Joel Osteen.

Media occupied its place in their world. They didn’t serve as pawns in the world of media.

And that’s what many of us have become. Pawns in a game where we hardly exist except as an audience for the information, consumer and entertainment establishment.

I hope you go and read the entire rant most of the post. What do you think? Is our world so dominated by media, information, and news that we have become pawns for them? Are our livesd increasingly defined by the ebb and flow of the information current?

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