This I Believe

National Public Radio hosts a wonderful conversation called "This I Believe." This project encourages people to write in and share their values, and the things that life has taught them to passionately believe in. While it is not an inherently religious conversation, spirituality is covered.

The project features the perspectives of people as diverse as Albert Einstein and Tony Hawk. There is even a spot where you can contribute your own perspective.

What I like about the site (other than the wonderful content) is that the site recognizes that belief is a conversation, a comparison of perspectives, and an opportunity to learn from one another. In our world, we are forced to watch the pain and suffering brought about by people so passionate about their own perspective that they are unable to listen to any other viewpoint. Dialogue is a better way.

So, What do you believe? What do you believe in? What are those things that are the core of who you are?

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adphish1 said...

I just heard John Updike, who died this past week, on this portion of "This I Believe." He focused on creative writing (makes sense based on his profession), as the thing he believes in. He beleives there is truth in the fiction and we can describe more about the work through this expression that we can through facts and sensory analysis of the world around us.

I found it kinda selfish. If I can't channel my creativity in such a way, am I lying to myself and the world? Is my belief not equal to his belief?

This is where I go with faith and religion. I fear we have a one up-manship about what I believe and what you believe. If what you believe isn't what I believe, than is it still real, true, or whatever?


In order to live man must believe in that for which he lives.
- Huston Smith
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