I Believe in God

On a regular basis, I enjoy having conversations with various friends about faith, belief, and the reality of s supreme deity. As you could probably guess, these conversations can get heated. They also tend to be unhelpful, since they tend toward predictable patterns like this:

"You prove it!"

"No, you!"

As you can see, pretty pointless.

I think one of the dirty little secrets that many believers are hiding is the fact that in an age dominated by postmoderns, the old apologetic just doesn't work anymore. In fact, it didn't work all that well in the first place. We have reached the limit of our logical arguments, our persuasive pitches, and our philosophical rhetoric and we have failed.

Now, mind you, faith has not been disproved. Instead, both arguments for and against faith have been put in doubt to the point that apologists on both side of the argument have fallen victim to apathy. I am one of these.

For many believers, this has caused a crisis of faith. Many have turned their backs on faiths and traditions. They have seen the failure of argument, logic and traditional claims and just walked away. I am not one of these.Instead, I am the father of Caedmon.

You see, the many who have lost their faith have actually lost faith in a logical system, a philosophical perspective. I have found that faith can remain strong while the arguments and the systematization erodes. This is because our faith

Today, I came home at lunchtime and my son was waiting for me at the door. He looked at me, beamed and said "hi." To me, his simple miracle transcended every objection I could raise.

I believe in God. I believe that there is truth in hope.

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adphish1 said...

Well put!

I believe that I believe.


In order to live man must believe in that for which he lives.
- Huston Smith
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