Happy Ash Wednesday...I guess?

What are we supposed to feel about a church season that focuses around the darkness and passion approaching the cross?

Do any of you observe anything for Ash Wed and the darkness of winter or is this just more churchy language and ritual? I'm curious because while my denomination makes a big deal about the church seasons, I'm always worried we don't see things within the bigger picture.

I'm tired of winter and ready for something good to happen. That's what Lent always reminds me of...the fact that it's still freezing, we've had snow now for five straight months, and I HOPE there is something new, fresh, and springy just around the corner.

That's just me. What about you?


Brian said...

Jesus referred to believers as "sheep." He talked of us "bearing fruit." He used phrases like sowing seed and compared soil types in regards to the Christian life. We would be wise to notice these are agricultural (organic) metaphors.

It is not so scientific as the factories polluting the skies around us (well at least where I am in Downriver Detroit). It is much more organic. Organisms grow in cycles; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter effect all of us. Trees lie dormant wrapped in ice and grass slumbers under blankets of snow. But then the great thaw comes and the Sun melts away Jack Frost's handicraft. Leaves bud and flowers bloom and most importantly, fruit is produced.

Church is a living breathing organism that endures a life cycle too.

Apple trees are completely unaware of the scientists below them treating them like a machine. They simply make apples when the sun shines on them and when the rain falls to the earth they drink it up. So too, the church. The life cycle of a typical congregation contains both highs and lows, summers and winters.

Though we may have Winters, we will see our Summers loaded with fruit, wheelbarrows full to overflowing.

I guess you could say I'm ready....

By the way, I should introduce myself, I'm one of Corey's off again on again friends, acquaintances, buds, known associates, etc. Brian.

Do not be dismayed by my Kool-Aid persona. Sometimes I barge through walls and totally freak everyone out and cause mass havoc and force people to run to their closets and hide and sometimes I show up with the cool-refreshing side of things only the fruit juiciness of Kool-Aid can do and few times it has been both at the same time

If this doesn't make sense, ask Corey, he can explain everything from his and mine 3rd Watch days....

Keelie said...

The service may seem somewhat dismal, but I, for one, need that every once in awhile. I actually forget sometimes (yeah, can you believe it?!) that I sin and need to seek forgiveness. For me, it often takes someone confronting me for me to realize I've hurt them. SO to have a service focused on reflection and repentance is good for me. And you did talk about forgiveness as well - that definitely gives hope!
Thanks for letting me be a part of last night!


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