Ruminations on King and Gyros

I'm in Atlanta, GA, writing this on my crackberry. I found a little gyro joint downtown (I know: not exactly Southern delicacy).

I pride myself in a couple of things when traveling:

1. Not looking like an annoying tourist

2. My ability to traverse an urban jungle without a car.

So with these principles in mind I tested Atlanta's mass transit. I visited Centennial Olympic Park, the World Congress Center, CNN Headquarters, etc. But, the highlight of the day was a visit to the MLK Center for Social Change.

Dr. King's passion and resolme are only eclipsed by his accomplishments. It was a moving visit to a great man's home, church, and memorial. I'll write moe on it later.

Atlanta's transit was better than expected. The gyro wasn't bad either.

Any travel tips for me? Wha( is your worst and best travel experience?

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Keelie said...

Way to go babe! You're kind of a home body, so it's impressive to hear of your adventures! Wish I could have joined you!
I LOVE to travel! It's been awhile since I've really traveled, further than Ohio anyway.

I loved my trip to Disney World back in '94. That was a young, innocent time in my life and I loved the fairy tale of it all!

My trip to Yosemite...that would have been the best trip ever as far as the place was concerned, but there was a good bit of tension between me and those I traveled with and I was going through so rough guy/girl relationship stuff, so although it was absolutely gorgeous, I wish I could do it over with a different set of circumstances...maybe someday!
I prefer to visit the great outdoors rather than large cities. I am moved by God's creation. But perhaps now that I'm older, places of history would be moving as well.


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