unTapped Topic: The Next Big Thing

this week topic comes from Andrew:

As kids we look forward to the next year in school. “When I’m in first grade, things will be great because I’ll be able to write…when I’m in sixth grade things will be better because I’ll be in middle school…when I’m in high school things will be better because I can drive…when I’m in college things will be better because I’ll be on my own.”

Many of us take this attitude throughout our lives, always looking and striving for the next big thing. “Things will be better when…”

That “when” might be married, with kids, retired, in a new job, out of an old job, when you move, etc.

Are we ever satisfied in the here and now? Do we ever feel like now, at this moment, is the happiest I can be? Existentially, when do when are we content? How does our faith play into this? Are we always looking for the next big thing?

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In order to live man must believe in that for which he lives.
- Huston Smith
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