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Top of the List.

March Madness started today. It is the college basketball tournament that see who the best is each year but before the tournament can even start the teams must be ranked. Forbes magazine comes out with the richest people in the world list. People magazine and others have the 50 sexiest people. In school, we compared our grade with the other students. When sales reports come out, we check to see where we are on the list.

Why do we feel the need to rank ourselves and others? Do you feel a need to be at the top of any ranking list? What does ranking each other say about how we value each other?

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Anonymous said...

I think on the surface it says we value each other only in how we "rank" against each other.

But people also love to root for the underdog, the people and teams who defy the rankings, and we loath teams who consistently come out on top of the rankings.

I think most of all, we value a good story, regardless of rankings. Look at Michael Oher.


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